Spying on yourself


When you carry around a smartphone loaded with apps, you emit/transmit a torrent of meta-data that’s then sold to third parties. You share your texts, pictures, and emails with more people than you probably imagine. And now, with home speakers, Ring doorbells, and a new generation of home-based surveillance systems, you can share THAT data with third parties too!

Having a motion-activated night vision garage door camera might seem like a huge upgrade in home security. But what Americans are actually doing is wiring up their homes with cameras for anyone–a hacker, the police, or the Feds–to watch.

Maybe most people are fine with this or will even get used to being watched all the time. But you can’t really be free–live free, think free–if you know you’re being watched all the time. Self-censorship begins between the ears, spreads to the lips, and eventually to all your actions.