Microsoft threatens Amazon’s cloud supremacy

Microsoft’s Azure has joined Amazon Web Services as the only authorized provider of cloud hosting services to the Department of Defense, according to a DoD press release. That means Microsoft can host the government’s top secret data, but only for 90 days.

Azure was granted a 90-day period in order to ‘test’ some projects. But it makes you wonder if this is related to the hotly contested bid for DoDs $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (or JEDI) project. Amazon was on pace to win the bid easily until President Trump got involved and there allegations by Amazon’s competitors of undue influence over the process.

As we’ve written in The Bonner-Denning Letter, this is a troubling partnership no matter who ultimately wins the JEDI contract. The storage of top secret documents is problematic enough. But given one corporation (or one man in charge of that corporation, like Jeff Bezos) effective ownership of America’s top secret files seems dangerous. Do we really want a modern-day J. Edgar Hoover who happens to be a private citizen?